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Hotels display their available hotels on various booking sites. All the sites have different prices. We automatically compare prices from all the booking sites, so you can choose the best offer.

A hotel room is the same whether you book it one place or another. The price on the other hand could vary a lot. Our search algorithm will find the offers for you and arrange them in a neat list you can choose from.

This way you won’t have to go thru hundreds of booking sites to search for the best offer. Our algorithm does it for you within 30 seconds.

The Key to Taking Multiple Holidays a Year

It’s safe to say everyone could do with saving a few extra pounds but that doesn’t mean we want to feel like we are.

In order to de-stress, taking time away from our day to day responsibilities and away from our jobs is a necessary part of life. It keeps us healthy and happy and unfortunately, a little bit poorer. Taking a holiday brings us closer to our families and provides us with magical memories that we can treasure for years to come.

Without a doubt, holidays are the best way to get away from all life’s worries and just relax. First things first, it all starts with the location.

Where are you heading next? 

Choosing a location

That’s the easy bit, I’m sure you have multiple places in mind already. Seeing the sites, tasting the food, experiencing the culture. Everything you dreamt of but what about where you’ll be staying the night? 

In order to complete an awesome holiday, the bed you go back to needs to be just as wonderful. Maybe a spot of camping is your cup of tea but for a proper luxury stay hotels are the obvious choice and for good reason; after a fun-filled day out you can’t beat the comfort of a good hotel room.

Plus, one in the heart of your destination keeps you close to every activity you want to cram into your time off. Where you stay is what really rounds off an amazing holiday and a bad bed can ultimately ruin your trip. A fancy room is all part of the excitement. You can order food to your room when you want a lazy morning in bed. Take a dip in the pool and have a spa trip for some quiet time spent with just yourself and fully unwind. Have somewhere to keeps the kids entertained. All of this without even leaving the building. It’s a taste of the life we all dream of.

Relaxation is all any of us really want from our holiday but there’s nothing relaxing about having to budget for half the year and still spending every last penny on that perfect location. Or even worse; trying to convince yourself that the dull, dusty and drab hotel room you’ve booked yourself is anything less than depressing.

It starts to feel like you spend all your time off getting over the stress of booking the holiday in the first place. Most of us don’t have the megabucks needed to splash out on the best hotels imaginable. And although the hotel room is good, there’s no fun in spending all your cash on the booking and leaving nothing for the rest of the holiday.

So how do you resolve the price problem?

So, what do you do? Save up? Visit every site under the sun looking for that perfect price? No. Avoid paying premium prices on your hotel rooms and completely remove all budgeting stress by using Travelbag-adventures as your hotel comparison website. 

You can access all the greatest deals on the rooms of your dreams without wasting time trawling through hundreds of websites yourself. It’s by far the easiest way to compare hotel prices and ensure you’re getting the best deal on your stay.

So many places have last-minute cancellations, booking errors or just empty rooms that need filling and all those places are available (a lot cheaper) on our hotel comparison website. Which means not only are you able to compare hotel prices from every corner of the internet you can also see any last-minute price drops as soon as they’re available.

It’s a no brainer.

In the current day and age when all of us have access to the internet most of us have gotten to grips with shopping around for the right price. That can be for anything; insurance, handbags, even food.

So nowadays, comparison websites exist for a lot of things to make our lives even easier but we should all compare hotel prices as well. With the amount that you’ll be saving you’ll able to book multiple rooms a year. As well as spending less time booking, stressing and budgeting. That means more relaxing and treating yourself multiple times a year all without breaking the bank. All that’s left to do now is decide where to go first!

Your holiday is one step closer, when you use our website to compare hotel prices. 



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